Saturday, June 25, 2011

Someday When We Have The Money

We might not be certain as to when we can have the budget for the total home renovation but we are positive we will be able to do it in the future. We got a lot of plans for this house and only God knows how much we have waited and being patient when is that fair share for my husband's going to come.

Part of the plan is for us to renovate the kitchen, replace all the old cabinets, install a new flooring, have a place for all the pots and pans accessible for us when we need them for cooking. Right now, all our pots and pans are sitting in bottom drawer which is very low for us to get and every time we need one, we have to bend over to get to them. What a pain! I already have a vision of what our kitchen is going to be. I would love to have enclume pot racks above the stove where beautiful pans can be seen and easily accessed when I cook.

I have seen a few houses on t.v where they hang their pots using enclume potracks and I tell you, they just look modern and beautiful. If you are looking for an enclume pot rack yourself, please take a look at the links above and you will find different sizes, colors and brands available.

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