Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Wish I Can Be Away From Home

Just moments ago my husband asked me where I want to go today. While he asked me the best question ever, I couldn't answer him although I really want to be away from the corners of the house for a while. I am getting bored of being stuck in the house all day everyday. I cannot even go out for a walk for it is just too hot outside. Obviously, I am bored and getting very bored as days go by.

What I wish is for us to have that quick escapade from somewhere fun, somewhere there's a beach, a bit cooler than Texas and most of all an out-of the country experience is what I would love to have at this point of my life. While making this entry right now, I am also eying on HomeAway Holiday-Rentals where people can get amazing deals for summer of 2011.

Gosh tons of travel offers at this site right now and I am jealous. Makes me wish we had money to avail all the discounts they have for their clients so we can get away from Texas heat. And if ever we could do that, I would not forget to bring a Travel cookbook with me and make the whole family some of the featured Italian Main Courseson the cook book since I am in the mood for cooking and craving for something Italian to serve on our table. I wish! I wish! We can do this....if not this year, perhaps in the future!

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