Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Customized Card For Him

My baby and I make it a tradition every year to give the father of this house a customized Father's day card. So far he has 2 different cards given to him from Jadyn from the past two years. We just want him to feel and remember that he's a father to an awesome little girl in our own special way. Yes, giving a card to him is such a simple yet thoughtful way to show how much we appreciate all the hard work and care he has given to his family.

Eventually, when Jadyn is able to write him a message, I would let her write something for her father in the cards I personally make on Kodak gallery. Here's the third one I created for this year and just waiting for it to arrive in the mailbox in the next few days. I will have my child write a simple greeting for her father (guide her hand to write) so it will be ready on Father's day. It would be awesome if the card has Jadyn's touch on it that would make the card special.

....... this is just a front view of the card, inside will be another photo of them and a message plus Jadyn's hand writing when it gets here.

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