Monday, July 26, 2010

Life-Sized Doll

We dropped by Kid to Kid store in Bryant Irvin road after I had my biometrics taken hoping to buy Jadyn some winter coats but I guess it is too early for that because the store had no Winter outfits on display. I was a bit disappointed thinking that we drove there for nothing although the road was on the way home yet, it feels like we are wasting our gas going there.

Those were just my thinking for the first couple of minutes of being in the store but then when I roamed around looking at stuff (not even planning of buying anything apart from coats), I saw this used life-sized, blond hair, blue eyes doll with pretty dress and shoes on. Without hesitations, I grabbed it right away and brought it to where Jadyn was.

I like the doll when I first laid my eyes on it and for sure Jadyn will love it too which I am correct for as soon as she saw it, she took it from me and started playing with it. Thank goodness, we got a good deal in this one for it is sold for only 8.99. she likes Susie a lot...
...... I am giving my baby girl the toys I didn't have when I was growing up, one of which is a doll as pretty as the one in the picture.

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