Monday, July 26, 2010

Manufactured Homes

On our way to Quebec Street for my biometrics today I think I saw the finest and prettiest manufactured home today along the road. If you would see it, you couldn't tell it is one of those Manufactured homes you commonly see when you travel away from the city because it was like a two-story house that has wood paneling in the walls, beautifully designed like a country style house and the paint color is excellent but then when I looked at the bottom part of the house, I saw it was raised higher with posts in the bottom that makes it look like a mobo home.

Well, I know it was such a pretty house but it would cost someone some money to buy the house for it was a different style like what you usually see. I have seen a lot of them especially if we go down South. In San Antonio for instance, there are several Manufactured homes for sale by different companies there. Mostly they have New manufactured homes for sale either double or triple wide mobo homes as others call it.

If only they don't have legs to hold them up high, you cannot tell what they are for they look like really nice houses but only you can see them in the countryside. City code has certain rules as to what type of house and the size maybe that is allowed to be built within the city limit. No wonder I can only find manufactured homes far from here.

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