Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I consider myself the most privileged person than anyone else. Because I got to explore two different countries, the Philippines- my home country and United States- where I am currently living. I lived in the Philippines for half of my life so I consider it to be my original home country. I have only been here in the States for over four years but I also learned to love this country and with all things American.

Being here means a lot to me. This is where my husband lives and with that I have to be here too just for him which I am thankful for. Having the opportunity to live in two different worlds, I can pretty much compare the differences of these countries. The culture and traditions, the beliefs, the lifestyle, the style of clothing and a whole lot more are way way too different.

In occasions for instance, like the Halloween. In the Philippines we celebrate it for two days. People would go visit their loved ones to the cemetery, light candles, bring gifts and flowers letting them know even though they are already dead, they are not forgotten. In some places in the Philippines, people tend to have a disco at the cemetery and others would stay overnight. On the second day, people especially in the province, they will make special native delicacies like sticky or glutinous rice and others and offer these to the altar for they believe the spirit of the dead loved ones are there eating it. Strange? But it's our tradition there.

On the other hand, here in the States, they only celebrate it every 1st of November. People are fond carving pumpkins to put in their doorsteps, decorate their yard with those spooky Halloween decorations and have some parties inside the house or at the disco house. It is then when most people look for adult halloween costume and Halloween costumes for kids in preparation for the trick-or-threat in the evening. It is when kids go knocking door to door in the neighborhood asking for sweet treats. While kids go on trick or treating adults will contain themselves by throwing in a Halloween party which of course during the day they shop for Halloween Party supplies needed for the party later in the evening.

After the fun Halloween parties which is the November 2nd, people move on and go to work like nothing happened. This is what I find strange here. I doubt if they even visit their family at the cemetery.

I hope I don't bore you with my long entry this time. I am just trying to differentiate how the two countries celebrate Halloween. Of course each has their own way to celebrate the occasion and if you were to ask me, I prefer how my own country celebrate it because I can feel the close knits of Filipinos to their loved ones even if they are no longer here with us on Earth.

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