Thursday, November 1, 2007

Upcoming Birthday

I was too excited to do shopping online and not realizing that my debit card is still empty because the money that I transfered last week is not yet there.It's my hubby's birthday soon that is why I am too eager to buy stuff for him online since I cannot drive.

I was browsing the shopping website again tonight and found that Macy's having a clearance sale.I choose two items for my hubby in brand names since he is very picky when it comes to clothes but take note,they are very much discounted now and I got a total of less than $70.I checked out quickly using my own account which is in debit but the process can't be done because toink...whoaaaaa it's still empty or 0 balance.

I transfered $500 last Friday but I guess the processing is not done yet that is why.Too excited ehhh..because it's my first time to buy something for my husband from my own hardwork from blogging...wish that it will be transfered tomorrow so I can pay the items I found for him.

Wewww I am hoping that Lalabs would accept my birthday gifts for him...I am excited to give it to him on his birthday!

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