Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Market Watch

I end my day with a total of $154 from my blogging in two websites,PPP with $106.84 and the rest of it is from Smorty. Quite a few bucks huh? but am so tired now that I put so much energy to it.
Now I want to say goodnigt to all of you. I was planning of staying until 11:30 pm here but can't really make it because tummy is hurting..the baby keeps moving as if wanting me to quit using the computer now.And besides,lalabs is in the living room waiting when can I get my ass up here. Goodnight everyone.Goodnight bloggy.

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1 comment:

Cornucopia Chronicles said...

kadako gud ana gats kugihan gyud ka sah....wa nako kakaya sa smorty gkatulgan nalang nako lol.....

Kana jud na aron mangadato ta ani ug dali maka-uli dayon sa pinas dako nani didto sa atoa hehehehe.


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