Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Somehow Lucky

As long as I am alive,I will never stop feeling lucky everyday. I am too glad that I have everything I wished for.A good and loving husband,blessed with a baby girl,healthy and alive. Not experiencing starvation even for a second in my husband's hands,comfortable with our living,no lots of money but have enough to sustain our daily needs and most of all happy living together.

Not to mention a few bucks that I make in blogging. I did not expect for my name to be included in top 10 earner's list for today because we went out and was kinda late grabbing the opps earlier this afternoon but praise God I made it to top 10 again. PPP is just being fair today,that's what I think...I was kinda pissed at first though because I couldn't grab those higher payouts any longer for my PR3 blog was already full. I was contented of grabbing the $5 ones atleast I am making a few.

I will never stop thanking you Lord for this.If not because of You,I would have not known blogging could actually help our financial needs. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LORD!!!

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Carrie Smith said...

Sounds like you are making out o.k. with PPP. Not much for me today but I don't stress over it anymore...life's too short. I will take I get for opps and just remind myself that every little bit helps.

have a great night Anne
take care


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