Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who wants some Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is my number one favorite.Next to it is carrot cake. I simply love the smooth and soft taste of cheesy flavor in my taste bud. I was so glad that I saw this mouth-watering cheesecake at Tom Thumb's store yesterday. I did not expect it to be a cheesecake actually. I was reading the label of it that says Chocolate Marble Cheesecake thought it was only the usual cake that I get from the store.

When I had a slice of it last night,that is when I realized that I am not getting an ordinary cake myself.But my most craved dessert,cheesecake. I don't like eating cheese much but how come I do love cheesecake? Want some? Palit imo hehehe..

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1 comment:

Carrie Smith said...

I DO ---I DO!
chocolate marble is my FAVORITE cheesecake...we always buy one when we get groceries every month.

Thanks for sharing MMM :0)

take care


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