Thursday, November 1, 2007

Eating My Time

I almost have no more time to chat or surf that is not related to blogging,because blogging alone is eating all my time here in the computer.I feel sorry for the best sites that I used to visit because they are now neglected. I have not forgotten them of course but I just really always out of time here.

Like right now,I keep myself busy by doing interim posts so when opps come,I don't have to pause for a while and do it.All I can do is focus on grabbing them as fast as I can to make a lot of bucks. Taking advantage though while it's still here,when they're gone then probably we're back to zero.

To all of you guys,have fun blogging and making money.I know you are all busy there too just like me.

1 comment:

Carrie Smith said...

Sounds like the world of blogging is keeping you busy as well. I feel that I have neglegted a few sites myself but now that I'm back from visiting my family I will hopefully get back on track. PPP seems a bit slow but I will hang in there.

It is now 1:45am here and I am exhaused. I'll be back to my blogging in the morning.



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