Sunday, September 4, 2011

Insurance To Cover The Damage

Saturday which was yesterday was the end of triple digit temperature here in Texas after having so much heat for 69 days. What a relief knowing that today the temperature will cool down to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. I should be going outside and enjoy the fair weather.

Meanwhile, firefighters are still working on the raging wildfire near the Possum Kingdom lake area for maybe 3 days now. 25 or more homes have been burned and acres of land area is also burned. I pity those homeowners whose houses are gone, they probably have Homeowners Insurance but still that hurts a lot knowing that you lost your biggest investment which is your house and all your valuable stuff that you've worked hard for in order to buy them. So sad. And take note, houses in PS lake aren't just small houses, they were huge in size I know it because I've seen them live on t.v.

Aside from houses being burned, I also saw some cars, nice ones have been burned. Though some owners were able to get their cars out of their property but there are those that weren't so lucky. Fortunately though there's an Auto Insurance that will cover the damage but you can't really trust they pay you as much as you would like them to pay.

When calamities strike, it is always good to be prepared and be alert so at least you'll be able to save some of what you have. Good enough there are different types of insurances that you can turn to when wildfire strikes and burn down all of your belongings. Even when you have property invested somewhere, it is right to buy for an investment property insurance so whatever happens, you are protected. All types of insurances mentioned above are being offered by Prime Insurance Agency so guys check it out.

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