Thursday, September 15, 2011

She Woke Up Sick

I had a quick scare this morning when Jadyn throwing up saliva on the couch. She woke up complaining of having stomach ache but I thought she just needed potty. I told her to run to the bathroom and do her thing but then minutes later she came back to me in the bedroom saying she couldn't do it so I assumed she was fine.

Moments later when she laid down to watch t.v in the living room she started feeling really sick and threw up! Ewww at the same time I was scared. I don't want to deal with a sick kid ever, that's one of my biggest fear! I don't know what's going on with her for I am so sure she didn't eat spoiled food yesterday, we were home all day yesterday. I went to lather some anti flatulent oil on her belly and thankfully, she went fine. Now she is playing back again thank goodness!

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