Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheap SEO

When I just started blogging I honestly didn't know what to expect and what to do. I thought writing or making entries to update my blogs was enough but I was so wrong. Blogging comes with a lot of hard work because in order to make profits of your blogs, you have to gain traffic into your sites, be cached on big leading websites so eventually you can get your page ranks which is so important when making money. So what I did, I spent hours and hours visiting other websites manually, leaving invitations on their tag boards to visit me back but you know some bloggers are too lazy to pay me back a visit. I even submitted my blogs to bookmarking sites hoping that I could gain traffic there but as months went by only very little progress was made so that made me desperate looking for affordable seo services. There were several SEO companies that offer cheap seo or guaranteed seo services but the price was too high. I was just starting to earn then, I couldn't afford their prices.

But now that all my blogs are stable, my income became stable and money keep coming in too. I am glad and thankful for the hardship I went through before because it is what puts my blog alive and where it is now. If you have started your website either it is a personal blog or a business website and are looking to find that cheap seo to help you out, please open those links above or go to It is an SEO company that only takes payment AFTER they get results. If their clients ranking doesn't improve for the agreed upon list of keywords, they don't pay a dime. Yes it is so true and you have to try them in order to believe them.

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