Sunday, September 4, 2011

American Marine Bisaya

I have watched this video of an American Marine that speaks fluent Bisaya video first on Facebook but for some reason I can't get enough of it and watched it a couple times over. It's just that it's so funny and entertaining. When you watch it yourself you'll also laugh at the same time feel proud of this soldier who speaks our native language.

For what I know (according to his sister that I've had chitchat with), Paul Palmeri spent his childhood and growing up in the Philippines specifically in Camiguin island and spent a lot of his time with his Filipino neighbors, friends and classmates. No wonder he's got the real accent of a bisaya guy! At first I was very curious how this American learned to speak Bisaya fluently "ug dili slang paminawn" as we call it...was able to find out when the sister talked to me on FB thanks to her for she satisfied my curiosity haha.


Anonymous said...

Bisaya jud diay kaayong dako!!! LOL First-time ko nakakita aning video. Mayo pa si Paul, proud siya nga bisdak. Ang uban nga Pinoy kaayog dating, sus, dili kamao bisan gamay.

Anonymous said...

How can I get in touch with him or his sister!? Unfortunately he has no FB account! haha

Just found his vid on youtube min ago and it's so weird to see an American guy who speaks our language so fluently without an accent!

Now I'm really embarrased about my Cebuano skills even though my parents are both from the Philippines but I grew up in GER.

I'm still shocked about this vid! haha

texas_sweetie said...

Brian, Paul has no FB according to his sister pero si Marie may FB account just click on this link
.hope that helps


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