Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Skin Allergy

I am so worried, what is this growing in my baby's sensitive skin on the face? It's been like this for four days now. I am guessing she is allergy to dog hair, I am not sure about this. Anybody can tell me exactly what this is? There are small blisters in the skin and some redness where the blisters are, sometimes they get so red that they cover the entire cheek of my baby and other times they just go away. I notice that when I use a cloth during feeding, she'll get very red afterwards then hours later the redness is gone. Poor child, being attacked by allergy..I know it's itchy and it is uncomfortable, good thing though she doesn't know how to scratch it.

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Jenn said...

anne, it seems like it's eczema. my baby suffered from those since Day 1. not much on the face though. it was mostly on his belly, and folds of his arms and knees and a little bit on his left cheek. the doctor prescribed hydrocortisone and told us to moisturize and moisturize all day. it got better. katol ra ba na, im just thankful na dili kaau severe ang sa ako bb. just moisturize perme kay it's caused by dry skin.


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