Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shopping at Zappos

Have you shopped at Zappos yet? I haven't tried shopping there ever although I heard they carry different brand names and high quality clothing, footwear, bags and handbags, housewares, beauty and etc. it would be nice to try purchasing any items there once of course with a use of Zappos coupons. I am browsing there as I make this entry and I find great stuff for women, men and kids especially. However, I do find their prices are kind of high so using Zappos coupon codes would help.

Great shoes for kids is what I am looking at right now, school shoes, running shoes, flats and sandals they all look beautiful perfect for my little girl but the problem is the full price is way to high for me. And you know me, I don't want to spend money on things that I can get for half price off or discounted at least 30% off. I may just have to look for Zappos coupons though and see how much I can save for using it. One thing I notice about this store is that I don't see a clearance section or anything on sale right now. I may have to wait a while before I decide to buy a pair of shoes or clothing for my two cute girls.

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