Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Job Awaiting

Looks like there is a big garden work awaits for me ahead. Our front flower beds have weeds growing in them that is so ugly to look at, some are brown and some are green especially those that are growing near the pecan trees. I cannot do it anytime soon because it still gets very hot in the afternoon. I should just wait for the temperature to cool down a bit before doing any yard work outside. Anyway, there is no punishment if I will our yard with weeds growing in it. 

After pulling out all the weeds, I plan of putting or laying a mulch around the circles so to keep the moisture in longer. Watering my plants seems like a tough job for me because I still haven't gotten my energy back after giving birth over a month ago.

I would just go out there once a week and water the wilting and dying plants. Besides, we are currently under water restrictions level 2 so a landscape mulch would help a lot. Mulch can be bought from a big supplier by Rubberecycle. Thanks to them I know where to get my mulch now.

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