Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Is What I Came Home To

I wasn't prepared to come home in a cold weather. I really thought I could just handle the winter weather in Texas. You see, I just came home from my vacation in hot and humid Philippines and snowy/icy weather condition here is something I wasn't expecting. Snow here usually melts in one day but it's the second or third day it's still in the ground with its freezing temperature, the snow turned into ice that makes it dangerous for motorists to drive. Schools and churches are closed, many motorists are stranded and worse many got into accidents.

When we were driving home from the airport yesterday, I witnessed the pickup truck just spinning so fast , the driver couldn't control his truck anymore that he just let it spin and spin until it finally stopped that he ended up facing at the wrong side of the road. That was scary shall I say. For proof of the bad weather, here are some snaps that my husband took after the slow and dangerous drive yesterday.

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