Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Be Kind To Animals

Doggy drinks water that my girl gave to her directly from a cup where the human girl drinks her water from. It looks or sounds gross knowing that she'd use it to drink water sometimes and sharing it to the animal?? I don't think I could use this cup ever again. But knowing a child doesn't know what she was really doing, she'd probably use the cup over and over personally. Some would think it's just okay since Chicha is an indoor animal and she got the vaccines she need yet I don't find it hygienic. 

Although I can rinse the cup thoroughly but the idea the dog has drank from it..ewwwwwww... Would you dare sip some water from the same cup? I don't know if I can do that.. but anyways, as for Jadyn doing the kind gesture, it shows us that she is kind to her pet although sometimes Chicha receive some maltreatment from her own playmate. Well, what do you expect she is just a child, you know?

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