Sunday, May 29, 2011

Specialty Merchandise Corporation

I heard this company before called smc or Specialty Merchandise Corporation but I never got to look on the internet what this all about, I didn't even have idea it was a company that helps aspiring home business owners for over 60 years providing individuals with the chance to start working for themselves by purchasing products from SMC at a discount, selling those products at their suggested retail value and keeping the difference in price as their profit.

But then, this morning, I got really curious when I stumble upon a website where there is a headline about specialty merchandise corporation scam. I said, wait a minute, I need to pause real quick and find out what this is all about.

In my own personal opinion, the scam itself is from the corporation's members word of mouth, they think being a member of this business is a ripoff to them. Here are there specialty merchandise corporation complaints if you're interested reading them about specialty merchandise corporation. The article I was reading there have been reports that Specialty Merchandise Corporation is a scam.

Well, life's like that. We cannot please everybody. If some members of SMC did not think being there brought them good then they can just quit anytime.

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