Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being Well And Healthy

Both of my parents have high blood pressure. I can't remember exactly when they started having the disease. All I know is that they are not eating healthy (the love of using MSG in the kitchen could be one of the factors why) as they are supposed to plus they are not exercising especially my mother. I don't want to be like them although I have 50% chance I could inherit their disease. But, as much as possible I would like to avoid that. All I want to do is be well and healthy all my life for the sake of my family especially my children who will apparently need me as they grow up.

Personally, being healthy would not be hard to do. Eat a proper diet, take vitamins, get plenty of sleep,drink plenty of water, exercise and get involved in activities that could release stress. And of course, to stay healthy, you also have to listen to your body and know what your capabilities are. With all these being said, technology plays an important role to our society as well. Electronically, one can monitor his body metabolism and or measure his fitness levels through the help of these products MedGem, BodyGem and Cholestech LDX
The Cholestech LDX System, using patented, innovative technology, measures a complete lipid profile plus glucose, ALT•AST, and hs-CRP in only 5 minutes (6 minutes for hs-CRP) from a simple fingerstick. With our ALT•AST test, you can get immediate liver enzyme results.

Health and Fitness Network is dedicated to the sale of products that measure fitness levels. BodyGem a home use device that measures resting metabolic rate.

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