Sunday, May 1, 2011

Takes Too Long To Start Up

I noticed something is wrong with my computer. I just knew it for I don't normally shutdown my computer. When I am done using it, I would put my laptop to sleep and for the longest time it has been like that and yesterday I did try to shut it down. It took longer to shutdown and much worse when I tried using it again, it has taken twice the times to start up than it was to shut down.

I start to feel that there is problem with my computer, that is something I am not prepared to face at this point. I know it is over three years old but oh please not now. It is showing some signs of usage and it has aged on me for the past three years in my hands. Letting it go would be difficult because it has became part of myself.

However though, when time comes that I really should replace it and buy a new one, I guess should just let it go and enjoy the new computer, it's capability, a more faster and upgrade laptop would be great. Dell computers, I may try to look at them and read their reviews as well as the units. It would be one of the prospects of computer that I might buy in the future through the use of Dell coupon codes so I can save some bucks on the computer.

If you need to buy one too, please use Dell coupons and take advantage of the discount it gives you. Dell coupons are truly great!

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