Saturday, May 28, 2011

Excited To See Her Friend

It's been days now my little girl feeling the excitement of seeing her friend/playmate soon and that will be tomorrow. The moment I told her that we are visiting Abigail, she jumped for joy and smiled so sweetly a little girl can show to her parents as if I gave her the biggest sucker in the world. When I mention her friend's name, rest assured that same excitement she felt the first day she knew she's coming and going to see her is still there. SIGH! The joy of a little girl, so pure and innocent her heart is and such an easy child, easy to please too. That is my girl!

I am kind of excited too for I can get out of the house, chit chat with my friend and other Filipinas as well as pig out to my stomach's content. Miss being with people who speak the same language as me. Last time I went out with friends was on Mother's day and I think it's time for me again to be with the girls and their kids.

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