Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Heartburn, Pain There Is

I am glad I don't suffer heartburn too often in my second pregnancy. Unlike my first one, frequent heartburn at anytime of the day especially at bedtime is what I had to endure the whole 9 months I was carrying with my now 3-year old girl. Yeah right, not much heartburn this time but there is this growing pain in my groin that connects to my lower abdomen every time I do sudden movement. This is so new to me, I didn't have this before and it sucks.

At this moment, I am feeling two different kinds of pain. One that is in my left calf. I pulled my muscle last night trying to stretch my legs, until now it still hurting when I walk. Then the constant pain I have which according to my doctor it is normal for a pregnant woman to feel this way. It's the ligament that is extending its size or whatever. She said it won't go away until I deliver the baby so that means I still have 2 freaking months to suffer! Geez!

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