Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seeing My Babies Grow

Nothing is more fulfilling in this world than becoming a mother. It is my dream when I was growing up and I still can't believe I now have two fast growing adorable girls. Seeing my babies grow is special. I witnessed their milestones from day one they were conceived in my womb until they were born and the first one started schooling. I asked the Lord for a healthy baby girl and so He gave it to me. I named her Jadyn meaning, "God has heard". I had a pretty smooth pregnancy, both me and my baby were healthy. I stayed home throughout my pregnancy and it felt magical to see her grow and watch every baby development she made. 

All in all, my dream has come true when she was born and then four years later, we welcomed another gorgeous girl in the family named Megan. Right now I can honestly say I am happy, fulfilled as a woman, married and living the American dream. I feel blessed more than ever! I followed my two pregnancies closely and see the babies grow in my tummy through a virtual presentation of the fetus in pregnancy website above. I really like this site because it has a lot of information regarding children, pregnancy, preconception and a whole lot more.

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