Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not A Good News To Hear

I just talked to my family on the phone. I was able to talk to my father,mother, older bro and the youngest bro. They sounded good but the news they told me isn't good. I only call them once a week for 40 minutes long because you know,international call is not a joke to pay.

I didn't even know that my little sister Alexia was being hospitalized for 2 days because she had pneumonia and she had very low platelets count which could result to dengue fever if they weren't too quick to make a move of bringing her to the hospital.

I really wanted to talk to my lil sissy because I miss her so much now but she was in the school by the time I called them. Hope next time I can get to hear her voice. Poor little girl, I know how she looks now, so thin and weak and pretty sure there is always a fight during feeding time for she has no appetite eating her food.

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NovaS said...

that's really no good. pag gusto nimo to be their with your family especially kanang mga times that you need their support di jud intawon ka makabuhat.. all u can do is pray for them diba? lisud oi...

i'm glad to hear that your sis is fine na


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