Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Do you really think she is really helping? I doubt if you say yes while the fact is that she is just playing near the dryer. As curious as monkey George, she would explore everything that is new to her eyes. Crawling here and there, going through all the most toughest spot of the house and crawl underneath.

Photos are of my baby so fond of an open dryer acting as little mommy's helper. I wish she can help me with my chores so it will be a lot easier and finish quickly. I think I should wait for couple of years before it will happen. For now, I should just enjoy her babyhood stage for she'll grow real fast.
.. hmmm nice clean sheets, feels good when I sleep on them when they're done...
... what ya saying mom? I'm busy here!

1 comment:

Twerlyn said...

hala..hehe!! naka unplugged ang saksakan Anne... among dryer dinhi among gibaligya oi kay mamaak bisag wa gaandar..pero giayo usa b4 gi dispose. tc

ako na nakita ang picture na giaway c bbDen..ka-cute oi sa iyang hilak.


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