Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Time:Listening To A Live Band

It feels good to be able to go out together with my family as always.Huh,as if I'm talking a big family here,lots of kids,grandparents and the parents here! But no, I am talking only the 3 of us here went out earlier today to meet up with a friend,Mike(who's my husband's best buddy) to sit and listen to a live band in an open area in Central Market nearby.

We've been to that place few times already but never did actually sat and listen to the band.I was glad when my husband told me that we are gonna go out in the evening and experience to listen to the loud noisy band playing.It's nice to be able to get rid of the house once in a while and mingle with the crowd once in a while,you know?

The baby seemed to accompany Mike,he walked with her around,wander around to entertain the baby while me and hubby just sitting on the chair,eating burger and french fries.Then when they're done playing,we started to get our butt up and went to the highschool track and burned some calories in our body.

I had fun,I should say.I love it when we do things together as a family.I hope we're gonna be like this until our baby grows old so she'll feel that she has a lovely family.


Stev&Emz said...

thats really nice Anne. unta ing ana pud ang akong bana oi.. bz man kaau karun wa time magsuruy suruy. oi salamat sa pag agi sa akong payag ha.. gahagikgik dyud ko sa imong comment. salamat kaau. cge ayo ayo dira.

Michel said...

Hi Anne kaagi ko deris imong nindot nga palasyo nahan kog lili deri dako na gyud si Jadyn ay! ka guapa raba.kaliwat unta pod kog akoa no hehehe.

Jacqueline said...

As long as you're with a loving family, you will always have fun no matter what you do. :-)


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