Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Energy

I so wanted to believe that I am strong and have the energy to do my simple tasks both online and offline but there are days when I feel I need to just lay down in bed and rest. My day depends how much sleep I can get the previous night. There were nights I slept for 4 hours, other nights just an hour of sleep that makes me cranky, so tired and weak during the day. What can I do? I expect it to be this way once the newborn is here yet I can't help but complain.

Yesterday I canceled all 4 opportunities on one of the paid blogging sites, this is something I don't normally do. If only I had the energy to think and write my tasks I would have done it in less than an hour but too bad, I was just feeling awful yesterday. My brain told me to write it but my physical state just won't cooperate and decided to just cancel the tasks. I couldn't even sit down on the computer longer than ten minutes. There are two creatures that need me and they are more important than reading people's statuses on FB.

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