Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Friends

I had a sort of a surprised baby shower last Sunday! My friend just told me that it's just a simple gathering and nothing else. All the Filipina friends we have in our Fb list in DFW area were invited, none of them ever told me that they were attending a baby shower so all along I really thought it was just a gathering.

When I got to her place, I was like why there are pink balloons and diaper cake here? Are you giving me a baby shower, hmmmm? That's how I knew it! Then when people started arriving, they were carrying gift bags with them for the baby. To my surprise also, friends I already told I'm not gonna be having a baby shower were there, they showed up that brought tears to my eyes. They were really nice and GREAT! Thanks to wonderful friends surrounding me and most of all I am most thankful to the sisters Annie and Irish for hosting the party! They all made me feel special and loved!

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