Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hump Day Is The Best Day To Shop?

Here is a short article I read on Yahoo this morning and thought of sharing it here for my readers. Just so they know when to shop for items or gas to save some bucks. I found it surprising because most people shop during the weekend including myself though I do mine mostly on the internet. Now that I know Hump Day is the best day to shop of the week, I will try to remember that next time I do online shopping and we shall see if it is true.

Gas: Industry experts say Wednesday is the best day of the week to buy gas — especially early in the morning. You could save about five cents per gallon. Prices tend to drop by a few cents per gallon at many stations before rising again on Thursday and on through the weekend when there are more drivers on the road.

Groceries: Wednesday is also a great day to shop for groceries, as this is when about half of the country's supermarkets kick off their weekly sales, according to experts at The sales last for at least a few days, but if you want to get there before the shelves get wiped out, arrive on Wednesday.

Online Clothing Deals: Web deals on women's clothes are all the rage on Wednesday. Researchers at Shop It To Me, a free online personal shopper, did a study to prove it. According to their data of more than 340,000 women's items marked down between June 1, 2010 and June 1, 2011, the average discount on women's and kids' clothing is about 40 percent on Wednesdays — the steepest all week.

Airline Tickets: Pricing wars among competing airlines usually start on Fridays for various fares, but by Wednesday, prices have reached their absolute lowest. More specifically, 1 a.m. on Wednesday is reportedly the best time to strike. According to the book, The Travel Detective by Peter Greenberg, at around midnight, airlines usually reload their computers with the most recent low-cost fares that were announced the previous day. But you have to act fast—the deals usually expire after 24 hours.

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