Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Love Nikon Digital Camera

I have  this Nikon digital camera for two years now. It is the only camera I have that lasted this long. It is my fourth camera since I got here in the States. The past cameras we had were all damaged and lost by me. For some reason, I am being so careless and negligence of our cameras until I decided to buy my own camera after I gave so much frustration to my husband about losing all the cameras he gave me in the past.

I chose Nikon as our fourth camera for I have read reviews about it and the quality of image it takes. Although mine, I bought only for below 100 dollars, it didn't come with a Nikon Digital Camera Battery. It uses a disposable 2 double A batteries. The disadvantage of using such model is that I have spent so much on batteries than the unit itself. I wished I bought a Nikon digital camera that uses a nikon d90 battery so we wouldn't waste our money buying batteries when they are out. I truly do believe using a nikon d90 digital camera battery saves us a lot of money since it's rechargeable.

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