Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pregnant With Amputated Leg

I saw this woman at the doctor's office I go to weekly. She's Hispanic and pregnant. The first time I saw her, she still had her two legs, the left leg has got stocking in it as if something was going on with it. Then I saw her again in my last visit just last Friday walking away from the office, walking towards the exit door of the building accompanied by her daughter and husband but the built of that woman was the same as to the one I saw inside the office from the past. This time, she had her left leg amputated using the crutches and the first thing I wished, I hope she is not the woman that's pregnant at Dr.Vu's office...

But then they turned right to the exit door and saw her face! She was the one who is pregnant and with amputated leg??? I feel pity for her because can you imagine being pregnant, expecting a child soon and lost your leg? How is she gonna be able to cope with emotional stress/hormonal changes plus she has a newborn to take care of? I can only imagine how difficult it is to be in her shoe.

Because personally, I find it very hard to have a newborn for the first few months, you'll have to stay awake every night and have all my limbs complete... how much more losing one leg that would give you limited mobility? Perhaps, it wouldn't be too hard for her if she has her mother with her or families to help her out. Man, too many bad things happening out there!

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