Friday, December 4, 2009


So disappointing!!! I expect for a snow this morning, even just a dusting of snow but to my dismay there was nothing on the ground. The weather forecasts somehow gave me hope that we can have a slight snow showers today but hmpppppp very disappointing eh. I didn't sleep well enough just so I can wake up early to see the snow at 6. I got up around that time and yayyyyyyy the world is so quiet and nothing was happening.

Guess, I don't wanna watch or hear any news today pertaining to snow. Just pisses me off eh. For so long I haven't touched the snow and all I want is to have some of it this year, at least. So shallow of me eh? But can you blame me? Snow is just so pure and so pretty. I am still ignorant to that thing for here in Texas we seldom get snow. If we have it, it is such a big joy to everyone especially the kids, it is like a dream come true for all of us here in Texas!

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