Thursday, December 3, 2009

She Recognize Her Lolo (Grandfather)

We had a nice talk over the internet with my father last night. I love it when I get to talk to my family because I can get to know how and what they're doing over there.

When Papa sees his apo (grandchild) on the web cam he can't help but smiles a lot, so does my baby. As soon as Jadyn see her lolo on the cam, she would do some silly faces like that on the attached bmp here and she cannot stop saying YOYO YOYO. One time during our chat, I was amazed with Jadyn because she just kissed my computer screen exactly where the cam of her lolo was. I thought it wa so sweet of her to do that. She thought she really was kissing her lolo but no it was just the computer.

It's good because through voice chatting Jadyn develops a relationship with her grandpa from afar. She had seen him once in our vacation but she was too young to understand what her relationship with my father.

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