Wednesday, December 23, 2009

just host it

I am quite happy with my domain's current subscription. I have been using their service for over two years now and so far so good when it comes to reliability of the hosting. Other than that I don't get any benefits from them or I maybe just not exploring enough of their site to make use of their features?

Well, unlike Just Host, this is of course according to my reading on their website, this company offers with a lot of benefits to their clients. Their plan includes some of the following unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SQL databases, unlimited email accounts, plus unlimited hosted domains. Those are just few of the benefits you can get out from them and lastly, they also throw in some neat extras only for you like free Instant setup, free domain name for life, and $75 free Google, Yahoo and MySpace advertising credits. Sounds like a great deal, alright?

For just $3.45 a month you can get to get all those mentioned above plus you will be assured that you can get technical support 24/7 if something unfavorable instances arise. In my own opinion, why would you buy for cheap hosting if it cannot give you the satisfaction you ever need? Signing up to cheap hosting sites just for the sake of a dollar that doesn't guarantee you having a fast, reliable host for your site.

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