Monday, December 14, 2009

She Met Friends

When my DFW acquantances last saw me that was when I was 11 months pregnant with my Jadyn. Yes, that long even if we aren't too far from one another. Several times they asked me to come join with them in get-together so they could see my Jadyn but time did not permit us to go. At last, yesterday we were able to make it to the Christmas party hosted by Myra in Lewisville and they finally met Jadyn. So as my baby met my friends' kiddos. That was a big party joined by a lot of filipinas and our American husbands. Sure the food was awesome too!

Anyhow, my Jadyn was acting shy so she wasn't able to make friends with any of the girls in the party especially Kyla. I really would want her to play with Kyla but she was clinging on to me the whole time we were there. That is ok though for it was her first time to be with the huge crowd. below is of my Jadyn and Kyla- Titing's daughter- I like her a lot for she is a good girl.
....and here let me present to you our mixed babies. L-R- Dindin Rhoads, Kyla Muller, my very own baby Jadyn and Kaela Ward!

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