Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elimination Night..

I'm not gonna watch American Idol tonight for I know already who's going to pack his things and go home. From the last night's show,I can tell that it's gonna be Jason Castro.On the contrary,David Cook is now my bet for becoming an American Idol for this year.I am beginning to like his voice too and so are the judges even Simon the terror would always give a nice criticism to him.

Good luck all 4 contestants.I know you choose the right career that you deserve and hopefully to hear your new albums release next year.


Carrie Smith said...

So much to catch up on...I will be back later but for now I have something for you on my rantings blog.
take care

Small City Scenes said...

I'll watch but I think you could be right about Jason although it seems to be a popularity contest and the girls do love him. MB

TrEZa said...

im rooting for david cook, too! haha! jason's performance last night was blah. so not him... :(


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