Friday, May 2, 2008

Gaining 2 pounds in just 28 days

What happen to me now? I used to be 86 lbs.before pregnancy,way too skinny.After giving birth I weighed only 106 if full and if not only 102. My doctor gave just low dosage of birth control pill since I am breastfeeding.The first stab was quite good. Then I finished the second one which is a different pill bought from a different pharmacy but the same in generic name.

I watch my weight everyday and I am not happy what I have been seeing lately.I am now 2 pounds heavier than I 2 months ago. 108 atimana! I feel conscious now.Feeling so fat.Lots of unwanted fat in my belly and around my waist.I know I can lose it by doing abs everyday but naks I am too lazy for now to do that.


Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Hot Momma....

Ang hirap to lose wait after a baby. I used to be 95 ata when I came over. I was not happy to be just 95 lbs actually. I wanted to be 100lbs at least.

Then nagka baby. I am now yoyo-ing between 110 - 115. I like the weight but not where the fat went. Asa puson!!

Anyway, I can relate. Just try to be active I guess. I have to do that myself...

Musta na?

Mommy J

Bianca said...

ahhhhh1 sus wa lang na sa akoa nga na abot na ko ug 120 lbs. asa ka ana managkong beh? maayo gani ka kay naa kay alibi..ako akong alibi ang katapol ra gyud mo exercise lol! pero to tell u honestly ganahan ko sa akong gi dak on karon ang blema lang gyud matod sa akong manghod laki nga wa daw koy hawak, from head deritso na daw sa tiil lol... mao mag cge nalang ko hula hoop aron mo baliko gamay ang hawak hikhik...unya sa imoha pud mas type nako ang imong gi dak on ron kay na undan ug me bus ok gyud ka me samot ug ka gwapa..understand? lol!....

desperate blogger said...

sexy ka pa rin noh!

anyway,please update my link to


my old link might be any of these

and life goes on



Dana said...

hey Anne, I feel the same way, but hubby said, I look better now than before, haha! humaba ang hair ko..

I used to weigh 96-98 before pregnancy, payatot ba. Then I gained 35 lbs with Daniel, and after delivery, I now weigh 107. Grrrrrrrr,like you, I want to lose more pounds... :)

What kind of pill are you using? Is it micronor,the mini pill? :)

anyway, just looking at your recent photos, you still look great! motherhood really suits you!



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