Thursday, May 29, 2008

Father's Day Gift Basket

When there is a special occasion that has something to do with my husband,birthday,Father's day,Christmas I always find it difficult getting something for him because when I ask him what he wants,he would just say he doesn't need anything,he has everything he needs.What? Aside from that reason he is also picky with things.I am a cheap one.I always go for cheap priced stuff as long as they look nice and in good quality. That will not work for my husband.He wants the best of the best.Father's Day is coming up.2 weeks from now I believe but I still can't think of a special gift that I can give him.

How about a Fathers day gift basket would it be a good idea to give him? if ever you happen to read this guys,you tell me your suggestions so I will know while it is still early to look for other stuff.Or you can just visit the website for your father,husband who is the father to your kids or your dad inlaw.I am sure they are all going to like it.

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