Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Disgusting

Ewwwww so disgusting.She really ruined my appetite.I lay down for 30 minutes because I have a slight headache.I only got up to get something to eat but before I could go to the kitchen I went to the living room first to close the blinds and turn on the light so it won't be too dark there when my husband arrives home.

I walk through where the window is and I smelled something ewwwwww so yucky.Mind you guys ako jud gisingo ug maayo asa ratong baho then I turned around and saw our sofa..yucks!! Daghan kaayo sinuka sa iro.Worse is that,it's all naked.I took out the cover because I washed it.So naa jud tanan sa lingkuranan ang sinuka pinisti tabaghak nga iro kaloud!!!!

I am very hungry and thinking of the vomit on the chair makes me wanna throw up too.Gosh,I know my headache won't be gone unless I will eat my dinner! And how do you think I can eat dinner if I already smell and seen the yucky vomit aber? Ewwwwwwwww kung mamalasin nga naman oh! I looked at the dog and she give me that "guilty" look,she knows what she just did is wrong and yet she throw up in our naked chair!!

I am not gonna clean it though,I will wait for my husband to arrive home who is an hour late for overtime.Poor lalabs!


HulaGirl said...

hahaha ingna nang iroa tilapi na imung sinuka, pagka dimal ba oi kay gi timing sad sa tabaghak na walay cover ang sofe BUOTAN gyud nang imung DOG gwafa!

Carrie Smith said...

I hope you are feeling better!
It has been so long since I have had time to blog hop but here i am :0) Little Jadyn is growing up so fast and adorable as always.

take care

Angie said...

Your doggy needs a time-out, Anne. I hope you had a good dinner in spite. Take care!

Ritchiela said...

That's really disgusting looking after a vomitous that is not from human,esp now in my stage,la la la..

Unya kumusta naman?hahha katawa lang ko dire sorry..

Anonymous said...

kalouy tawon sa sofa hehehe, bitaw eeewww jud na kau.:)


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