Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Visit To Grandma Jean

I got busy with things around here and these photos we took last weekend supposed to be posted right after we arrived home from a 4-hour drive from San Antonio but anyway here they are now. These are fun photos of our family with grandma Jean. I think the happiest person on earth being visited by us was Jean. 

Jean has two sons in California and based on her story, they have not visited her for a long time although they keep in touch by phone regularly but I guess it is different when you see your children personally, hug and talk to them physically once in a while, right?

She is not related to my kids by blood but they learn to love her as their grandma. She is my late father-in-law's girlfriend before he passed away. Their real grandma who lives in Florida haven't seen/met me and my kids since I arrived here over six years ago. Sad huh? Oh well, we can live without her. above is of us upon arrival from Fort Worth... this is our first dinner together...she served us pizzas in one of AFV's cafeteria
 ....... after dinner... looking at the old woman's face, you can tell how happy she is to see Jadyn again after six months of not seeing her... family at Jean's apartment on the 5th floor ...
.......... second day of our stay right after lunch at Sky Lounge...

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