Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Buying A Web Hosting

Despite of the fact that one of my mentors in AMA before doesn't recognize me anymore, he is trying to sell or promote his service to me, providing the best web hosting, that is. When I looked at the website, it doesn't look familiar to me nor do I hear it before so I just told him some lame excuses why I can't buy a web hosting from him right now.

I just don't like the idea of buying it from someone whose memory is declining so fast. I would rather purchase a web hosting in other companies who can provide me good hosting reviews and reliable service rather than from someone I know by name but the product itself cannot be trusted. Aside from that, he was also trying to convince me to at least also try his or their web hosting hub. No matter how he tried hard selling the service to me, I cannot just do what he wants from me.

I was just being upset by the way he asked me when I sent him a private message on Facebook asking who am I? The heck with this man. He is only a couple years older than me yet he doesn't remember I was one of his students in BUSDEV and other subject before. Well, I feel that I made it even with him by simply refusing what he was dealing with me. I'd stick to my current provider as I have been on it for three years and so far I got no problem with the service at all.

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