Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Hate Math

During my school days from elementary until college, Math wasn't my thing. I have always been slow on this subject. Although I don't like Math but I never had failing grades with it. I would say I got a little above average with Math each grading period.

For some reason I just don't find Algebra 2 fun to do. It always brought me chills all over my body when our Math teacher entered the room. Much more Adding fractions was I hated most. It made my brain twisted the whole session throughout the year. Graphing linear equations however, wasn't as bad as the latter. I could pretty much compare it to connect the dots game although there would number solving first before you can connect the graph. Oh well, I am just glad I am done with school now. If ever I go back to school, I would take a course that wouldn't do so much of problem/number solving because I know how I hate it.

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