Sunday, January 16, 2011

She Turned 3

Mommy and daddy's little Princess turned three today. We didn't give her a grand birthday party but that was enough for her to enjoy it with a smile. I invited few people to be here, prepared only a few kind of foods but it was how we celebrate that made my Jadyn's birthday a memorable one. I ordered her "A Night With Princess" theme Goldilocks cake that put a big smile in her heart. She loved the cake, it was truly pretty and she deserves it. My aunt also gave her a cake which is also pretty and delicious. After the dinner, adult people had a karaoke for more than five hours. All in all my girl's birthday was indeed one of the most unforgettable event ever happened in her life so far.
... first photo was taken at the Virgin Dela Regla dagkutanan
... baby girl with her first cake and some foods
....... with her cake that mommy and daddy bought for her
....... kiddos and the balloons and the pretty Princess cake
......... very pretty cake for our 3 year-old Princess...

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