Wednesday, January 26, 2011

High Blood Pressure

There are many high blood pressure causes, many of the causes are obesity, lack of activities, stress and foods high in fat and salt. Once a person has a high blood pressure or hypertension, he will always have it and it will never disappear although it is manageable if one would do proper diet, try to exercise or take the right medication and also try to avoid those foods that could trigger high blood pressure.

Both of my parents have this disease and I hope I will not get it for I know it can be troubling to the family. They know they have high blood pressure but they keep eating foods that aren't good for them just like mother, she is so hard headed and always tempted eating dried fish and continue using MSG. If ony she could read the medical information about high blood pressure then maybe she'll believe what I have been saying to her. High blood pressure has been around our family for generations. My grandfather, my father's father died a long time ago due to high blood pressure also. Some relatives I know have died for the same reason and how many relatives who have rested in peace because of this disease, that I don't know.

So for me, while I don't have it yet, it is better to take care of my health and as much as possible I would avoid doing things or eating foods that could trigger high blood pressure because once you have it, it will always be there and it will never disappear.

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