Monday, January 3, 2011

If I Were Home...

If I were home in Texas where sales and big discounts are flooding in the mall or in online stores, I could have done so much shopping already. I am drooling over real great discounts on stuff that a woman like me would love. It is such an adventure to shop online and wait for your order to arrive in the mail. What's the use of having a mailbox outside if there's no useful stuff arrives there? Anyways, speaking about mailboxes, we have a plan of changing our old fashion mailbox because we have this worries that we might not be able to get our important mail one day because it has been stolen. What worse could go wrong to our mails, right?

I hope my husband, when he chooses to change our mailbox, he will choose to consider buying locking mailboxes or lockable mailboxes so when we are not home and our package or mails arrive, we don't worry too much about them being stolen. Well, I know my husband very well. If he buys things, guaranteed it is of great quality and can be trusted, that he will buy us a locking mailbox .

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