Sunday, November 13, 2011

He Must Have Been Bored

What my husband have been doing for the whole two weeks I was gone to the Philippines that occupied him besides taking care of the baby was watching a movie at broad daylight! That is not something he normally does but with wife and first child being away, what else could he do? I was kind of laughing at him when I learned that.

When I arrived here a week ago, I saw there was a thick ugly cloth hanging in our window by the t.v room and I asked him what was that cloth doing there? He said that sometimes he needed to watch a movie during the day! I was like, what? He couldn't look for a decent thicker or darker cloth in the linen cabinet instead he just grabbed that old ugly cloth that we use to cover the unused chairs.

Him doing that, I am thinking of shopping for draperies, a dark-colored one to replace the one we hang in our window near the t.v because when we watch t.v, the glare of the sun gets through the window and reflects to the t.v which makes it very bright for us. No wonder the husband hanged this ugly cloth because that is the only way he can prevent the glare from getting through.

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