Monday, November 21, 2011

A Normal Conversation With My Father

I must have been missing my father so much that even if I'm half asleep I still dream of him. I dreamed of my father this morning at 8:45. Before that, I have gotten up a few times already to attend my baby yet when I chose to go back to bed, I dreamed of him having just a normal conversation. We talked as if he wasn't dead or deep inside I knew he passed away but in my dream he was so alive.

I told him everything I wasn't able to tell him when he was still with us and if you guessed, we were happy just to be together in our normal self. I even told him, "Pa ayaw lang intawn pagmulto Pa ha kay mahadlok jud baya ko pa!". And he nodded smiling.

The last part of my dream was we shared a meal together with the whole family and some of my aunties (his sisters) and my grandmother. I told to my father, "kabalo ka Pa, naa pa baya jud ang tabliya didto sa Amerika nga imong gi himo sauna para naku nya wala pa naku jud hutda ug inom kay hadlok ko mahurot." Hohohoho!

I thank him for visiting me in my dreams. Because it eases my longing for him. That is one of the things I asked during his funeral that he would return the favor to me now that he's gone. That only favor is for him to appear in my dreams sometimes so that I can still see him and he did it! Three times already he visited me since his passing. When he was alive I would call him/family once a month and every time I do that, that would definitely brought joy to his heart I am certain of that because of his big laughter and he told me he was happy for I called. Calling him on the phone was his favor he asked from me.

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